Season Trends

People always want to stay up to date with this season’s latest trends and I believe that leather is a big one.  We first saw leather creep back into people’s wardrobe’s last fall and it seems as though leather is here to stay.

I know a lot of my fall/winter outfits consist of at least one piece of leather, and it’s usually my shoes or jacket.  I think I’m known for having a few too many combat boots and leather jackets.  What can I say, they are my weakness!

Now some people aren’t sure how to pull this trend off, well I’ve put together a very simple outfit that is easy to wear and easy to find!  You want to start with your basics…

1. The Bottom: In this particular outfit I’m using three pieces of leather.  You could just wear a dark wash skinny jean instead, but go all out!  When looking for the perfect pair of leather pants, make sure they aren’t too tight, because comfort in this look is key.  Also make sure they fit properly around the hips.  We don’t want any unnecessary skin showing.  Another key ingredient for your bottom is knowning what pants look good on you.  Just because skinny jeans are in, doesn’t mean you have to or should wear them.  Bring a friend and get a second opinion.

2. The Top:  With this look we are going for grungy chic, so I paired the leather bottom with a loose oversized sweater. Now personally, my wardrobe doesn’t consist of a lot of color.  I’m a neutral person, so I love the color of this Chic Nova sweater. In my next post I’ll talk about bringing in a pop of color into your outfit!

3. The Shoe: Lace-up, combat style boots rule my closet.  I’m pretty sure I own a heel and flat version of every neutral color.  I love these boots by Go Jane because they are an in between height for a boot.  This color is also perfect because it’s in the same family as the sweater.

4. The Accessories:  No outfit is complete without a couple of accessories.  This outfit screams arm party, so grab a bunch of golden bracelets and let your arm speak for itself.  A hat is optional for this look, but this cool Rag & Bone felt hat adds just a hint of girly to the look.  The hat also comes in burgundy which is a huge color for fall.  

And last but not least, grab your favorite leather jacket and the look is complete.  Steer clear of over done leather for this look.  You want to keep it simple.  Also for the jacket make sure its fitted and has a drop of a tailored angular feel to it.

Your outfit is now complete.  I hope you enjoyed my first blog post.  Stay tuned for more on all things fashion, style and beauty.

xoxo, A

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