Dressing the Part: Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival is underway with some of the best fashion it has ever seen. The cold weather allows for layers and stylish hats and brings out peoples’ inner fashionistas and makes them reach for the stars. Not all of the events are treated the same, but here are some ideas for how to dress the part at this year’s festival.

Attending a Film:

You want to stay comfortable and causal for this one, and good walking shoes are a must. A great choice are Merrell’s Eventyr Cuff Waterproof Boots, which come in a variety of neutral colors. These boots are great for the snow, coming up high enough to allow you to trek through fresh powder but cute enough to wear with your screening outfit. Zara’s Combined Boots also feature style and comfort, with the added bonus of costing roughly $30.

Pair these shoes with comfortable jeans. To complete the look, a chunky sweater can do no wrong. Stick with neutral colors to keep the look clean and causal. As for the coat, make sure to stay warm. Mountain Hardware makes a long, great jacket that keeps the wind-chill away.

Taking in the Sights — Daytime

Again, the trick to having a good time wandering around Park City is being comfortable in your clothing. Start your outfit with black jeans and add a pair of sleek ankle boots. Stick with something that is patent or normal leather — just don’t forget to water-proof them before hitting the town. Pair this with a cute turtleneck, available from Banana Republic. For an added layer of warmth, try a fitted double-breasted pea coat and a leather jacket underneath. This extra layer is great in case you get hot and want to take off your coat.

Getting your Dance On:

If your Sundance plans include a fancy party, you’ll want to be sure you’re dressed right. To keep yourself warm but fancy, start with a pair of black semi-sheer tights. Then pop on a black- or dark-colored slip dress and some heeled black booties. For extra warmth, throw on an oversized wool coat and you are ready to go. You want to fit in with the crowd but still stand out, just in case you catch your celebrity crush’s eye.


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