The Do’s and Don’t of Fall Fashion

The first week of September is over, and fall is in is in full swing. While transitioning into fall fashion, make sure you take note of the do’s and don’ts of the trends you see surfacing throughout magazine pages.

1. Overly Ripped Jeans: One of the looks I noticed on celebrities this week were excessively ripped or distressed jeans. There were a couple of pairs I’m pretty sure didn’t even have denim in them. There is a way to do a distressed jean without looking like Freddie Kruger got to your clothing. You want to make sure there is plenty of denim with minimal distressing. A jean with a simple rip at the knee makes for an edgy look without someone asking if you got caught in a wire fence.

Don’t: 2015-09-01 21-46-50

Do: 2015-09-01 21-47-50

2. Man-buns: This is a huge trend that can be done right. However, I have seen some crazy street style looks where it can get to be too much. Try to keep it more on the simple side.




Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 4.14.38 PM.png

3. Ponytails: When the seasons start to change,  A ponytail is the perfect way to look stylish without trying too hard. Make sure the ponytail isn’t too high on your head, otherwise you can start to look like a genie in a bottle, and no one wants that. The right pony should be sleek, with a messy vibe of I just woke up like this …

Don’t: 2015-09-01 21-48-56

Do: 2015-09-01 21-49-41

It’s not hard to stay on the cutting edge of current trends — just make sure you don’t fall prey to the particularly trashy ones. These tips will help you to keep your fall style fresh and trendy all semester long.

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